Why OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Project Failed In Nigeria

Why OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Project Failed In Nigeria

Why OLPC (one laptop Per kid) mission Failed In Nigeria

Opensource has introduced a number of just right issues our method besides free software. a few years in the past, the OLPC venture kicked off and that i
had nothing but excitement as one looked ahead to seeing these laptops allotted to students of most public colleges at-least
in main cities in the country. the concept that was once to advertise prime class computing and equip future leaders with related talents needed
for high quality tool building, technical-know-how and bridging the gap with the remainder of the arena.sadly this was now not the case.
My perception shouldn’t be some distance fetched from that of my colleagues

Federal persona: The Nigerian perspective of North have to be concerned and control every internationally sponsored or authorized challenge,
South South carried alongside, South West to observe and South East compensated. i know a variety of my friends who are not Nigerians will
no longer be mindful what this means however it’s what it’s. are trying studying about different World bank, IMF or internationally sponsored projects
and you’ll get a extra complete figuring out of the Nigerian gadget of issues.

Corruption: A normal problem as we all know. This a country the place the wealthy awards scholarships to their kids yet embezzle public
cash without regret. We had concerns where one of the crucial OLPC Laptops the place starched up in the place of dwelling of one senator after distributing
to a friend and youngsters of colleagues quite than to college students of public colleges.

negative working out of Opensource motion: The Fedora venture posses Ambassadors, on-line vendors and similar with different Linux distributions
however i doubt if any of those individuals or companies where involved within the dissemination of data or distribution of OLPC. Most businesses
concerned had little or no information of the opensource thought or movement. relevant businesses or individuals where no longer involved integrally and
so it lacked ardour and vibe.

terrible distribution Channels: Distribution channels used where not known and had very little effect. I sighted an example of a Senator having
such Laptops in his possession somewhat than having related businesses account for them. resorts are under no circumstances an acceptable distribution channel
for initiatives like this.

Low consciousness: Publicity was at the barest minimal. Am sure as most Nigerians learn this text, they lacked little or no information of the
OLPC undertaking. Many never knew it existed or had been introduced to the Nigerian govt. Airplay, protection or distribution to less
privileged college students used to be non-existent.
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