The path to 2015 polls

The path to 2015 polls

The November 2013 gubernatorial elections (primary and supplementary) in Anambra State are now over; with the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ declared and the us of a left to reside with the aftermath of the botched elections. The polls had no justifiable reasons to be listed amongst our controversial elections; given the size of time and huge logistics on the disposal of the independent national Electoral fee (INEC) to behavior an election universally acclaimed to be honest and credible.

In that recognize, the heavy and ubiquitous presence of our safety forces used to be to the benefit of the INEC. it’s rather unlucky that each one observable flaws which had previous bedevilled our previous elections considering 1999 (in any respect ranges), reared their ugly heads (and useless enumerating them).

this kind of shoddy and disastrous outing was once least expected as we are prior the stage of the usage of the adjective ‘nascent’ to qualify our democracy. Experiences from the Anambra polls are nothing but a harbinger of what’s prone to happen in 2015: declare elections inconclusive (after awarding figures to the candidates and their political events) and arrange for thus-known as supplementary polls.

Professor Jega apologized for the habits of the polls by which greater than 1.three million registered voters could not see their names in the register on Election Day. however the much that every one smartly-which means individuals wanted was now not his apology but cancellation of the polls; as a stern warning that the INEC would no longer brook any electoral malpractices.

this type of stance would have translated into insistence on simply getting the right issues carried out. The APGA chairman, Chief Victor Umeh (among different minds) didn’t see anything flawed in having more than 1.3 million registered voters callously denied their franchise. The blackmail here is that both Umeh and Jega would like the arena to just accept it that the disenfranchised voters have been all instances of more than one registrations as if Anambra State can not produce up to 1.0 million voters any time. certainly, Umeh didn’t savor the blackmail in urging his people to accept the verdict of INEC to head for supplementary polls in chosen areas; a population warfare, which he found difficult to be aware.

If out of 1,763,761 million registered voters, more than 1.three million folks had been disenfranchised, it would be the peak of callousness and political opportunism for the election to be referred to as ‘truthful’. it’s slightly a monumental convey of disgrace; which does now not conceivably/discernibly signify fairness. Jega’s INEC has nobody to blame for the show of shame, given the size of time INEC needed to prepare for the polls.

disgrace, as a direct, inevitable and inescapable pall or psychological end result of all ignoble acts (engaged in, inspired by way of the desire to massage our egos) which the faculty of sense of right and wrong brings into sharp reduction, is a religious advanced which detracts from our humanity and leaves us looking in persona; it leaves us very unsettled with the aid of upsetting our psychological/non secular equilibrium (even supposing we may just like to impact a calm or unperturbed exterior and mien); by the actual fact of which we are made prone to manipulations of all types and for self-serving ends; with the general intention of perpetuating the convey of shame unless the vicious cycle of disrepute is disrupted to come back to the trail of honour, sanity and religious acceptability.

due to this fact, shame is an ensuing non secular complex that originates from an abnormal state of the thoughts; enabling the entire stricken to wallow in obscenities of all kinds. In that non secular condition, the sense of shock is lost because the thoughts is turned into a religious jungle during which all sorts of evil thoughts find unfettered expression.

Minds, which will also be likened to a jungle, are crude and undeveloped. that’s the condition through which the mind is discovered to be highly deceptive; deceptively spiritual among others; as actual spirituality derives from the revolutionary transformation into spiritually sophisticated individuals; such that the more the process of religious transformation is allowed to happen in our lives, the higher is the level of spirituality attained; finding manifestation in our phrases, ideas and persona or deeds following which we transform spiritualized. Being a spirit, what God needs is a spiritualized humanity; and no longer a dehumanized one by which situation man turns into a beast (amply exemplified with the aid of terrorists); or a political animal, deceiving and being deceived.

once I learn that the returning officer for Anambra State polls and the Chairman of INEC (both of them, professors) settled for supplementary polls in selected areas, I may no longer come to terms with the opportunity of allowing electoral irregularities in some areas and conducting a apparently more credible supplementary polls and adding the consequences bought to the fatally flawed ones of November 16, 2013. it’s priceless of observe that all of the polls (primary and supplementary) happened in opposition to the unfortunate history of fashionable disenfranchisement of eligible voters. As integrity is the substance of credibility cum holiness, the actual fact of disenfranchisement alone denies the polls any integrity. it is then pertinent to ask: How credible were even the so-referred to as supplementary polls?

From the best way our nice scholars easily compromise to advocate irregularities (both inside and outdoors their campuses), i have began to wonder if honesty remains to be the essence of intellectualism or if it ceases to be so as a result of this is Nigeria where experience of shame is misplaced and all that is shameful is upheld and extolled. the fact of being students does not bring credibility to undergo on a course of that lacks integrity. to look honesty as the essence of intellectualism must account for why they must dissociate themselves from irregularities of every kind.

i have come to the painful conclusion that it is that you can imagine to parade a sequence of degrees (and be extremely honoured in each non secular and different circles) without parading any discernible refinement in persona. One has to do with showcasing academic brilliance and the other with the level of spirituality attained. there is nothing that displays godliness more than personality; for the real beauty of man is found in his personality. persona makes man and nothing else is judged. it’s the character of man that determines where he ends up in the hereafter; and where he stands whenever his integrity is challenged. to grasp the place we stand when challenged is to know how so much we all know and possess ourselves.

on every occasion a show of disgrace is unleashed, the primary to be made a casualty is reality. We deny the fact that God is the epitome of fact; we deny the truth that we have been created in the likeness of God; we deny the truth that only fact can set us free; we deny the fact the one entry point into holiness (and by implication a durable relationship with God) is reality.

The second casualty is self; for disgrace makes us fractured souls (souls which can be unacceptable to God but serve as a rendezvous for the evil one); shame eclipses our respectability; erodes our dignity, religious balance and conceit; undermines integrity and self belief and destroys whatever that’s left of our credibility. The 1/3 casualty is the society. Cherished societal mores and values are imperilled as unworthy and dangerous examples are spread. inclinations unleashed are unbecoming and undermine important foundations for significant societal boom and building. religious darkness envelops the society like a pall; and within the aftermath, we’re all losers while retailers of the forces of darkness emerge the final word winners. the place the feel of shock/disgrace is misplaced, the society is became one among the rest goes.

we are on this world in our representative capacities (Christians as Ambassadors of Christ; Moslems because the representatives of Prophet Mohammed, and so forth) but the quality of illustration or representativeness has always been a burning issue; a subject matter in rivalry. If now not compromised, the Church will have to be viewed as a vocal critic of the electoral heist perpetrated.

by way of her studied silence, the Church in Anambra State has lent credibility to the express of disgrace that was once known as gubernatorial election that passed off. Consequent upon that, the integrity of the Church is at stake and her credibility because the leading Ambassador of Christ is delivered to query. From all indications, Church as a non secular body can be compromised however Church as the physique of Christ can’t be compromised. There lies the adaptation between religiosity and spirituality.

Endorsement of the in style electoral irregularities of November 2013 in Anambra State perpetrated in collaboration with INEC officials portends grave danger for the us of a as a result of it’s inconceivable for the INEC to arrange otherwise for the 2015 elections. We should then are expecting a replication of the heist everywhere the united states in 2015 as one step allowed (and in whatever route), results in any other. Let it’s cited with the aid of people who take delight in intimidating people with security forces that with the Almighty God ever on the aspect of the oppressed, the protection forces may also be made to show towards themselves and Nigeria can’t live to tell the tale it. it might probably most effective be the aftermath of not having the braveness to name a spade through its name or refusing to talk out in opposition to evil when it issues to do so.

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