The new automobile industry masterplan (1)

The new automobile industry masterplan (1)

through Otuka Anyasi

the new car trade masterplan is good news to Nigerian.  The previous masterplan that ushered in car meeting vegetation into the Nigerian financial system in 1975 came with nice expectations.  the nice expectation then was that car technology would be transferred though advancement of talents of Nigerians working within the vegetation and the mentioned expertise indigenized throughout the Nigerians.  Forty years after, Nigerians are nonetheless anticipating, hoping and ready for the blessed indigenized vehicle know-how.  It didn’t occur then to the armed forces govt and its advisers who signed the treaties with overseas car makers, co-owners of the meeting vegetation, that car know-how has no similarity with brick industry expertise.
whereas the brick business expertise continues to be nearly static and unchanging, the automobile expertise on the other hand is dynamic and changes on a regular basis at break-neck pace and below steady aggressive challenges.   There are new improvements and innovations everyday within the motor trade and a brand new model is introduced yearly with the aid of each producer.
Up until as of late, this phenomenon seems to proceed to mystify the Nigerian govt.  it is like the masquerade, to observe it you need to practice it.  it’s important to move.
of course, now we have always validated that we’re mindful and acutely aware of the significance and advantages of the motor industry to our Defence and safety industries and our financial diversification efforts from petroleum as well as to our social-neatly being as your Excellency rightly enumerated in your press briefing.
The 4 million employment alternatives with its big spill-over advantages, the evolved manufacturing opportunities and the giant home market still rising and lying lame to international exploiters etc.  we have all the time known all these.
The question Honourable Minister is whether we now recognize why the assembly plants on which Nigeria spent billions of dollars collapsed so hopelessly with out leaving the rest at interested by the Nigerians.
Peugeot vehicle in Kaduna, Volkswagen at Ojo city, Fiat in Kano, Styre in Bauchi, Mercedes Benz in Enugu and the nonetheless-born Isuzu in Maiduguri, Toyo Kygyo in Umuahia, Mitshibushi in Ilorin, Nissan in Minna and the motorcycle crops that all went with the wing.  To most Nigerians, it’s as if this sizeable waste came about simplest the day before today.
What did the Obasanjo administration, Shagari administration and the IBB administration obtained incorrect as regards the auto industry that the Ebele Jonathan administration now has answer for?
Have we asked ourselves what are in the emerging motor industries in India, Brazil, China and South African (all those nations you listed) that weren’t in Nigeria’s failed motor industries?
Thirdly, have we requested ourselves what have been within the Peugeot vehicle France, Mercedes Benz Germany and Volkswagen Germany that weren’t in the Peugeot automobile of Nigeria, Volkswagen of Nigeria and Mercedes of Nigeria?
apparently, the answer is the same for the two above questions, particularly: what are within the emerging vehicle producing countries that are not in Nigeria, in addition to what are in the mom plants of Peugeot, Beatle, and Mercedes in France and Germany that were by no means in Kaduna, Ojo city and Enugu meeting plants.
What Brazil, China, South African and even different international locations which might be just beginning to think of becoming a member of the arena car club corresponding to Hong Kong and different south East Asian international locations have in fashionable is heavy funding in motorsport, by no means as amusement but slightly as hard headed investments in vehicle know-how analysis.
In Nigeria after we hear of ‘recreation’ we conclude its football.  smartly, the rest of the sector, don’t think so relating to motorsport.  elsewhere on this planet, motorsport is each the basic car know-how apprenticeship gadget and the ultimate car technology incubator.
each Peugeot vehicle and Volkswagen knew that the omission of motorsport within the assembly vegetation treaties used to be deadly to Nigerian government expectations; they tried to make amend but it was too late, along with the mandarins in the Ministry of industry did not need to understand.
facilities for motorsport abound in Nigeria, vehicles are imported accountability free for motorsports; fidelity financial institution %considerations bonds for importation of motorsports automobiles duty free; we now have Nigeria national Motor Rally, the Argungu Motor Rally, the Bar beach Rally and the driver of the year Contest.  details of those can also be viewed at
Motorsport is the lacking hyperlink in Nigeria’s ambition to procure automobile technology and indigenize it.  We must now not ‘leave out street’ again!  Motorsport need to be on the heart of the new masterplan for it to work.
if truth be told nothing is new in Nigeria’s quest for indigenous vehicle business.  The militia, which arrange the meeting crops, had dreamt of 4 million job trade that will divert consideration from petroleum industry, satisfy the massive calls for for vehicles and permit our Diplomats to power Nigerian automobiles in World capital cities. Obasanjo tested government commitment by using driving in Peugeot cars assembled in Kaduna.
by the time Dr Ishmeal Igban: tried to make motorsport a everlasting a part of the motor business, Shagari regime was once overcrown.
Then got here IBB:  business Minister, normal Akinrinade who pulled out all stops to supply the Nigerian automotive.  He even utilized the fire brigade manner.

To be continued

nAnyasi is President, Automoblie association of Nigeria and Chairman, nationwide Authority on Motorsport.

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