Some Nairalander Asks Top Pastors To "Come Back To God"

Some Nairalander Asks Top Pastors To "Come Back To God"

Daddy G.O of RCCG, MFM, WINNERS, and may PRESIDENT. One factor i want you all to be mindful is that this. Whosoever much is given to, a lot could be required.

it is much more better to be a church member and go to heaven than to die and go to hell with the title, Pastor, Reveren, Bishop etc. God has only recognized you by your title and he’s now not a respecter of any man.

i want you to be aware something. the level of your holiness as a church member can qualify you to enter the dominion of God however can hindered you as a Pastor, G.O, Rev and so forth
heed to warning and correction

The love of God in opposition to david, lead to God to ship Nathan to him to warned him about his mistakes.

i would like you to know that david has all the power to even kill Nathan for coming to problem him with those phrases, but he never try this, as an alternative, he humbled himself and heed to correction.

He realised that he used to be nothing before God. He realised that God has each likelihood to kill him straight away he commited that crime.
Achan never has the chance of repenting, even Saul too.
He used to be just a shephard sooner than the lord enthrone him to be king over isreal

the same factor utilized to you all. you’ve gotten as soon as are living within the mud earlier than the lord referred to as you into the sunshine. you might have by no means once dream of being a common Supretendent of a church one day, however because you were fair with the one skill given to you with the aid of the lord, now he has given you 10 more talent.
I have in mind we are not angels, we’re human, on account of your title, that doesnt mean which you can’t sin towards the lord and the lord can not right you.
The lord has being sending totally different kind of Nathan to you, like bro Sadiq, Evg Funmilayo, Linda, Emmanuel Oghenetega and many others. Even the vision i actually have towards Pastor Adeboye too. even though you’re going to all argue with linda testimony that she claim to die, the remainder never die, nither do I die both. God is the creator of heaven and earth and can use in any way he need.

don’t name God warning a lie, simply to make your member calm down and really feel k. let them run away if they need to.

One factor i do know very much is that, God love this for excellent men of God and won’t need them to perish,
Pastor Adeboye has did many nice work for God, going to villages to villages in preaching the gospel, and plenty of that had after dying expirience like Pastor Yakubu, Sampson Emmanuel all saw his constructing how giant it is in heaven. Will you now take a chance of loosing all this issues?

i need you to understand that probably the most bad enemy is delight.

Come back to God and plead for mercy.

I was once a member of MFM and i can nonetheless testify to it that Olukoya preach extra of holiness. however till now, I do not know why he’s included. but one thing i am certain of is, God just isn’t a God of confusion. We only see you in church. when you have executed something incorrect, come out and say it publicly, than confessing your sins in hell for ethernity. God sees each factor executed in secreat. he’s going to now not lie.

Oritsajafor, what relationship does an unbeliever has with a believer? Is there any love between darkness and lightweight? turn away from politice and focus on the sheep dedicated to you.

i do know some of their member will need to protect them. but ahead of you try this, i want you to know that, I don’t have anything in opposition to any of these men of God, infact Mummy G.O, and Daddy G.O, of RCCG, CAC, and Deeper lifestyles footage are what i use as my screen saver just to point out how i really like all of them.

contributors, you are going to be choose on my own. not by way of what your pastor preached to you, however via what’s in the bible. live in line with the word of God, reside it, eat it, and sleep with it. Exalt the phrase of God than your G.O. Doctrine. Many member will get to heaven earlier than their pastor
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you all are nonetheless living. everyone knows you here on the earth. Will we see you in heaven? Heed to warning