Single term tenure, panacea for succession crisis –Ekweremadu

Single term tenure, panacea for succession crisis –Ekweremadu

on this interview with journalists, the Deputy President of the Senate and Chairman, Senate Committee on the review of the 1999 structure, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, speaks on single tenure for elected officials, state police and varied concerns. JOHN ALECHENU was there

in the sunshine of present happenings inside the polity, are you still an suggest of single-time period tenure for elected officers?

sure, single time period is crucial difficulty to me. When the topic got here up at the level of our committee, we have been mindful of the political ambiance. We drew thought from what came about in other jurisdictions. It took place in Latin Americas in the 70s. that they had a circumstance we discover ourselves today. the issue of transition from one administration to every other used to be a huge issue and there used to be drawback within their region. So, they began to amend their structure at that time to create a single time period in each of these nations and it was once their transition length. And this now established their democracy. And a few of them amended their constitution to return to 2 phrases of four years, five years or six years. So, we thought it was something we will counsel to our united states of america.

Of what merit will this to Nigeria considering our peculiarities?

in case you take a look at what is going on now, all the core issues we’ve got in all of the parties centre on the problem of succession. So, we imagine strongly that, that subject can nonetheless be revisited. but i feel the error we made in our advice was where we mentioned the incumbent would now not benefit from it. Then, there was once a more or less coalition of forces to defeat it. So, I consider that if the gamers within the polity or stakeholders are ready to come together, I imagine strongly that this is one technique to deal with the placement. It is usually a win-win situation for everyone. and that i imagine that the best way it will probably work is, now, folks have been elected for four years; let everyone completes the 4 years tenure for which she or he is elected. after which, during the doctrine of necessity, or a sort of jurisprudential manner, do some roughly transition of two years. by which case, these existing occupiers just like the President and state governors, who are finishing their tenures, is also, will now do some other two years that will result in 2017. you will see that that those who find themselves combating the President, their complaint is that, if the President will get his second time period when they are long past, he would start to chase them. So, if we all agree that, that may be a solution to clear up the problem, after two years, both the President and other governors now exit, I consider that the worry would now not be there and there would now not be much force on the polity.

We don’t have much downside with the legislative positions. we will go in advance and cling legislative election in 2015. The advantage there is after we organise the legislative election in 2015, then we habits government election in 2017, we have now two-12 months gap for the INEC to have a breathing house to arrange smartly.

In the united states for example, there may be this two years separation. in reality, in most nations even in Senegal, and other places in Africa, they have adopted such separation of legislative elections from govt elections. If we create a two-year hole, it creates a scenario the place the u . s . a . would not be engulfed in situation in the strategy of conducting all of the elections on the same time. i believe it is something we have now to mirror on and notice if there’s something that can lend a hand get to the bottom of some of the challenges that we at the moment have. i’m hoping that if we are in a position to do that and we all conform to it, it’ll clear up even the chief eventualities.

it is believed that most of the challenges we now have lately outcome from charged ambiance coming up from jammed elections. And one way or the other, everybody will advantage. All we wish to do is to train patience and give them two extra years. After that, we move to one time period tenure that can be 5 years, six years or seven years relying on what all of us agree upon. the price of all these elections and all of the problems that include it could have all been resolved. So, it’ll lend a hand to scale back price of election and also cut back the drawback that can come up due to ambition to run for some other time period in administrative center.

How then do we convey the matter again for dialogue?

We didn’t know that the President and the chief would give you the speculation of a national communicate once we were doing the current structure amendment after we got here up with the amendment of part 9 of the structure. And for the matter to return up again, it must come in form of a proper movement. however as a result of we’re serving the people, we would be greater than keen to do this if that is what the individuals of Nigeria want.

If there’s a debate on it in conversation and Nigerians imagine that the way in which things are, we wish to think alongside that line and have the ability to use it to get to the bottom of the prevailing political pressure on this us of a, simply as we did all the way through the in poor health well being of our late President, we’d be more than prepared as a nationwide provider to have a look into it and be capable to attain a level of understanding within the nationwide assembly. So, we will be keen to speak about it provided that, that’s exactly what Nigerians need. however, for now, the subject was once defeated in the Senate. If we are going to carry it up again, there need to be every other motion to resuscitate it.

In view of the protection challenges within the country, what is your tackle the difficulty of multi-degree policing?

Let me start with multi-level policing; Nigerians know my place on this. i’ve a private position and an official position. I belong to an institution which is the Senate. And on the stage of Committee on constitution modification, it rejected the advice for the advent of state police; we could now not take it, even to the floor. And as a person, it is my job and my duty to present the report of the committee and i needed to give an explanation for to my colleagues why we made that suggestion. the explanation we gave was that Nigeria used to be now not ripe for state police, although it’ll be for the future. that is the legitimate position of the committee which I head.

As a person, I believe we can by no means get to the bottom of our safety challenges in Nigeria as long as we’re doing what we’re doing now. by no means! for those who like, proceed to do what we are doing and the fact will repeat itself. we will still be having what we at present have. the reason being clear. No different u . s . a . is doing what we are doing in time period of policing. Most countries have adopted what I call decentralised policing. if you happen to like, name it multi-level policing. no person does state police. What we now do is multi-level policing and if you like, call it decentralised policing. If the safety challenges become complicated, it’s important to usher in sophisticated process to address it. We cannot have a federal kind of govt that adopts a unitary system of police and are expecting that to be triumphant. Even the white males, once they did the amalgamation, they knew that a centralised police may not work in Nigeria. So, the type of police they set up was once the Native Authority Police. That was once the primary kind of police we had in Nigeria. So, it labored. They even introduced the jail that was once native authority based totally.

It used to be later within the years which followed, i feel in 1936, that they made up our minds to set up a federal police. So, the federal police and native authority police co-existed collectively till 1966 when the military took over. once they took over, they set up a committee to check that kind of police and they got here to the conclusion that they have been the usage of it to intimidate political enemies. It was bound to happen for the reason that white males did not trouble to arrange a construction to regulate that roughly stage of policing. So, there used to be nothing like Police provider fee, may be at the centre, with a tenet to structure that kind of native authority policing in an effort to resolve at what certain they have to cease. So, they have been doing issues the way they appreciated.

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