Nigeria’s political parties lack ideology – Aturu

Nigeria’s political parties lack ideology – Aturu

in this interview with GBENROADEOYE, a lawyer and human rights activist, Bamidele Aturu, comments on the merger

what is the implication of the APC/nPDP merger on our polity?

There are two implications and one is that it presentations very evidently that there aren’t any variations between the Peoples Democratic birthday party and the All Progressives Congress, particularly with regards to programmes and ideology. This confirms certainly what many of us knew, namely that the entire mainstream political events have the same ideology. That has been established with the convenience with which these individuals move from one celebration to any other. Their mission is the same. And this is an eye fixed-opener for the electorates; when they’re going to vote in 2015, they will have to take a look at each candidate and not the birthday party they claim to belong to. Our politics is just not politics of concept and ideas. And the implication is frightening; it method persons are governing without a compass. folks simply wake up and create policies that capture their fancies without taking into consideration if they might be of benefit to the individuals. It’s like a man who simply leaves his house now not realizing where he’s going, the particular person just isn’t prone to get to a just right destination. you could’t have a party without ideology and expect to get someplace.

The 2nd implication is that, despite the bankruptcy of ideas that we see with these political events, there may be pluralism to the extent that in case you’re being victimised, you could transfer from one celebration to any other. When there’s no chance for pluralism and other people can’t move, then you will see the assassination of opponents. but we should also be interested in the foundation for the defection: is it to better the lot of the individuals or for egocentric reasons?

Is it conceivable that the rebel governors had the backing of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo and former most ruler, Ibrahim Babangida?

well, I’m not a baby-kisser so I wouldn’t comprehend. but to a degree, APC has become bigger so we’ve got roughly stability of energy, if that is going to endure. actually that it makes democratic alternate imaginable. it may prevent absolutism – dictatorship of the PDP. Even the defection just isn’t essentially concerning the individuals nevertheless it’s a window through which democratic alternate can also be made that you can imagine.

Is it legal for them to defect?

sure, there may be Freedom of association. if they had been legislators, they might need to show naturally that the previous birthday celebration was fractionalised, in any other case INEC must declare their seats vacant.

since the governors are executives, there may be moral arguments, some people will say ‘you had been elected beneath PDP, why then do you keep your position after moving to every other party?’ however that may be a ethical argument and it doesn’t at all times rely with our politicians. there’s no doubt that the crossing over will alter the choice of the majority in the home of assembly; the PDP could not have the bulk. this may decelerate some of the activities of the Presidency. for those who don’t have majority, motions and bills can be slowed down. It then way it is important to seek the advice of with legislators from different parties sooner than you move a invoice.

In their very own case, the legislators can declare that the birthday celebration has been fragmented which is obvious to everyone.

Can PDP go to court to stop the deflection?

that you could’t go to court docket to sue; it’s now not slavery. It’s not a compelled marriage. you can’t drive a man or lady to remain in a birthday party? The case will stand no chance in any respect.

received’t the deflection result in undue rigidity?

the tension it will create can’t be more than what we’ve already had. What we heard each day used to be about the defection – ‘go,’ ‘don’t go’, however now that they’re long past, the strain will go down.  however politicians are humorous animals; the opposite people may just react and say police will have to go after some people. in the event that they witch-hunt, then we must throw all of them out. Our responsibility is to sink their boat now because they are parties in the same ideological camp. you’ll comprehend that from all each parties have been saying, there may be nothing about health, just right roads, education or infrastructure. None of them is talking about the pastime of the people.

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