Jonathan’s impeachment will stabilise democracy —APC

Jonathan’s impeachment will stabilise democracy —APC

The meantime nationwide Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Lai Mohammed, reiterates the birthday celebration’s call for the impeachment of President Goodluck Jonathan, in this interview with ALLWELL OKPI

The All Progressives Congress not too long ago called for the impeachment of President Goodluck Jonathan. What induced this name?

In our press release, we gave reasons for our requesting the President to be impeached. One is that we’re running a democracy and specifically, it’s a presidential system of government. That being so, it offers for separation of powers. energy is shared with the aid of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The device offers plenty of powers to the chief, but being conscious of human nature that this power could be abused, it also provides for tests and balances. for this reason the structure says the president or the governor can also be removed if he is discovered guilty of fees of gross misconduct. In concept, what we mentioned and did used to be merely following the constitution, which permits for the president to be impeached.

are you able to point out the actions of President Jonathan that represent gross misconduct?

We stated the accountability of any executive is the safety and welfare of the citizenry. The administration has didn’t live up to the justification of its existence. We additionally complained of complete failure of leadership, which has given beginning to insecurity, unheard of stage of corruption, palpable impunity, large unemployment, amongst different issues. We gave examples of every of those. This u . s . a . is presently swimming in corruption: Is it the oil subsidy scam that you want to talk about? Or the armoured autos rip-off? Or the pension scam? Or is it the N8trn lacking fund discovered by the vital financial institution of Nigeria, that you want to talk about? Or is it the missing sure-P fund you wish to have to talk about or the arbitrary distribution of money from the ecological fund to the cronies of the President? Or is it the impunity that has been occurring for roughly 365 days in Rivers State that you need to talk about? The commissioner of police in Rivers has develop into the de facto chief government. Let any one say any of these did not happen or that any of them does now not represent gross misconduct. And for crying out loud, when did asking for the impeachment of the President develop into treasonable criminal? this is a government that has run out of ideas. far and wide in the world, parties call for the impeachment of the President. Even in the usa, small parties name for the impeachment of Barack Obama for frivolous causes. When has it transform sacrilegious to ask that the President be impeached? If it was once so, the constitution would not have put the impeachment clause there.

Did the letter by means of former President Olusegun Obasanjo to Jonathan play any function to your call for the President’s impeachment, considering that it was published a number of days past?         

No, it (the letter) was no longer on the record. The letter best reinforced our call, however it isn’t on the record. The issues on the listing weren’t taken out of the letter. If we’re going to be trustworthy to ourselves, there is no issue in the letter, excluding the learning of snipers and striking one thousand folks on Jonathan’s political watch record. there’s nothing in Obasanjo’s letter that now we have now not been pronouncing. Is it about impunity; is it security; is it corruption? we now have even spoken greater than what Obasanjo wrote. If we’re to collect what we have now stated about this administration, it could be a e book, not a letter. it’s fascinating that even people in Jonathan’s birthday celebration have mentioned precisely what we now have been saying about his administration; Obasanjo on one hand and the Speaker of the house of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, then again. Tambuwal mentioned the physique language of the President confirmed that he was once encouraging corruption. Two months ago, we mentioned he was once an accessory to corruption; that his physique language confirmed that he used to be no longer able to combat corruption.

The Presidency has accused APC of seizing each possibility to heat up the polity and has charged you with treasonable criminal. What’s your response to that?

If the President is certain that he’s now not responsible of any of those misconducts, why is he afraid? clearly, the reply to name for impeachment shouldn’t be a charge of treasonable prison.

bearing in mind how heated up the polity is in advance of 2015 elections, don’t you assume impeaching the President now will throw this usa into chaos?

How? Will it be the primary time in a democracy that a president will likely be impeached?

however it could be the primary in Nigeria.

in fact, we’re a young democracy, that’s why. Nothing will stabilise Nigeria’s democracy extra that the impeachment of the President; it’ll express people who democracy is not just about the right to decide on your leaders, but in addition the fitting and the flexibility to eliminate them once they don’t perform.

With the rigorous means of impeaching a president, do you suppose it is conceivable for the nationwide meeting to question Jonathan?

what is the rigour? To serve the attention, you want only one-1/3 of the individuals. You don’t need two-third to serve discover of impeachment. the subsequent factor is to call the manager Justice of Nigeria and put forth the allegations for him (Jonathan) to protect. If they don’t seem to be satisfied, the CJN will constitute a committee. individuals can be shocked that by the time the process gain momentum, an increasing number of individuals will sign up for the impeachment teach. We absolutely haven’t any doubt in our minds that it’s viable.

that implies APC will likely be banking on its increased power within the nationwide assembly.

Frankly talking, a majority of these allegations aren’t wrongs against APC on my own; they are wrongs and misdeeds affecting whole Nigeria. for those who talk corruption and insecurity, even some states controlled via the Peoples Democratic celebration undergo it greater than APC states. you are going to be bowled over that folks that you just think are on the President’s aspect will subscribe to the educate of impeachment. So many people, who’ve been groaning however have now not had the opportunity to air their views, will subscribe to.

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