Characteristics Of UNILAG Girls In Various Hostels

Characteristics Of UNILAG Girls In Various Hostels

just JOKING OOOOOOO!!!!though some of them are usually not genuine but most of them are true

when individuals hear the phrase UNILAG ladies, some ideas pop into their thoughts. Some think UNILAG ladies are aristo’s, some think they are materialistic women, others recall to mind them as chop and go, some see them as parole ladies, some see them as stranded ladies (cuz dey like coming into cars hehehe). And the listing continues.

now not all these terms are authentic although, now not all lag ladies are aristo’s, not all of them are parole girls, however there’s two issues they all have in popular which is their love for money and in addition their love for chicken and chips.

There are 7 feminine hostels in UNILAG namely:

Moremi, Kofo, M.T.H, Honours, Makama, Fagunwa, Amina… So lets commence with the classification.

Makama women:
M.T.H Babes and Fagunwa Chicks: it is stated that to get a Makama woman all you need are 2 scorching meat pies and a calming bottle of fanta and she’s all yours ps: ensure that the meatpies are sizzling and the fanta is chilled, it sounds as if they prefer it that method.

To get a MTH and Fagunwa babe all you need is simply 200 Naira suya and they are yours, for those who’re feeling buoyant you can have the capacity to buy them hen suya as a substitute, issues like that tickle their fancy.

These three hostels are situated close to each other inside of New hall (Unilag’s ghetto) to that end making them neighbours. individuals say new corridor women don’t have type (proper), some say they love to celebration onerous (very real), some additionally say they are low-cost (smartly, now not so real) but everyone knows they ain’t classy.

each time i am going to talk over with somebody (women) in new hall I’m at all times ashamed or scared, I’m at all times scared cuz new hall boys may rob me and beat the crap outa me and i’m also ashamed that some new corridor women would possibly get hold of me and share the money amongst themselves to purchase suya.

Most one hundred stage women keep in these three halls accordingly making them jobless, they by no means keep within their hostels so it’s not ordinary in the event you see them roaming round new hall in search of boys to buy them food and different edible trinket, for now let’s call them Ghetto ladies or Suya women.

Moremi ladies:
sometimes called rooster and chips babes, to get an target market with a moremi babe you must put up a plate of hen and chips and the she’ll
take heed to you. It doesn’t essentially mean that they will answer you it simply simply way they’ll provide u an target audience. they like older males with automobiles they usually date guys with cash and mostly membership boys, however we’ve some good girls (nerds) amongst them. Lets name Moremi women hen and Chips women.

Honours girls:
Australia is a county where individuals learn about but no person visits, that’s exactly how honours hall is. Its located in a furry swamp in the middle of nowhere so that they barely get visitors. Most occasions i go there I see men with cars toasting these small women, honours ladies are boring ladies with out a experience of their lifestyles so let’s call them Village ladies or Bush ladies. And yeah Honours corridor week are one of the best female hall week in UNILAG, sure I mentioned it.

Amina ladies:
I’m beautiful certain you could have heard about aristo and runs ladies in UNILAG, neatly 70% of the aristo and runs girl keep in amina corridor, they are located on the gate area so when the large alhaji’s and chiefs come to pick out up ladies the quickly branch at amina negotiate the fee *coughs 50k* they usually lift the girl out of doors college.

There was once one time I was walking around amina corridor within the night and that i mistook it for a brothel, not that i know what a brothel looks as if. Lets call amina ladies ARISTOcrats , ah yes, Amina hall has one mad kissing spot outside it just right in front of the Queen Amina statue.
That’s where you’ll find the broke boys with out rides kissing their babes, it’s at all times a pleasing sight to observe.

Kofo hall:
also identified for its Aristocracy it’s just there and random, pardon my English but they’ve the deadest hall week. even though I was paid to go to their hall week I won’t go, that you can by no means trap me going to look for a lady in kofo. I’ve requested many guys what they be aware of Kofo women for and their replies are both “I’ve by no means done a Kofo girl sooner than” or “Abeg where is Kofo corridor’ and “I don’t be aware of”.

the reason Kofo hall is lifeless is cuz most ladies in faculty of education stay there and as everyone knows girls in faculty of education are lifeless, no offence however everyone knows its authentic. I don’t be aware of what to classify them underneath, but i do know they don’t comprehend easy methods to throw a party.

These classifications are consistent with Jaja and Mariere boys, the gentlemen of Unilag and we’re authorities on issues like this. when you’re the kind of guy that double dates please don’t go to new hall and be cheating on them with every other new corridor girl cuz gist spreads there.

find a female friend in Honours and any other aspect chick in newhall, the likelihood of them assembly are very slim. when you’ve got money and you recognize you’re ready to spend then you should date a moremi woman, they’re elegant and poise ladies who like the good things of existence and likewise enjoy being spoiled foolish.

Amina women are usually not owned by Unilag boys, they belong to our oga’s on the top aka Alhaji’s and Chiefs. I don’t know who kofo ladies belong to.

All in all we love Unilag ladies, especially Moremi babes.