Alleged Ill-Treatment Of Staff At Hauwei Technologies

Alleged Ill-Treatment Of Staff At Hauwei Technologies

whats up home,

I just acquired this mail that has been circulating inside quarters at Huawei technologies.
Kindly read thru and categorical your view.


topic: unwell therapy OF HUAWEI OUTSOURCED staff

dear Sirs,
that is to convey to your notice the awful attitude of Huawei
technologies firm management in Nigeria towards their workforce, especially
on the Airtel Managed service.
there is a restrict to which each someone can be pushed sooner than he
pushes again. now we have been pushed to that time and now we will be able to ward off
arduous, so onerous that it will end result to a diplomatic problem.
we will be able to record some of our reasons for vexing and hope the neatly meaning
folks, that are nonetheless uncontaminated inside the management stage will take
this up.
Why must Huawei give an FME forty sites to take care of? This sites embody
Airtel, Etisalat, MTN and Visafone. How do they predict the FME to be
efficient? we are additionally sure that the shoppers should not aware of this.
This engineers work round the clock, without any form of incentive, risking
their lives even at evening for a corporation that shows no sympathy. Many have
died on responsibility with none type of compensation. nowadays we say enough is
Early this 12 months, the FMEs had been pressured to purchase good phones from Huawei
technologies (an organization we supposedly work for) through the (Huawei owned)
outsourced firms particularly Rutotech, lighting Networks and Qualiserve.
the cost of these telephones were deducted from our salaries. Which roughly
company does that?
The worst of the victims are the Airtel NOC body of workers. The working conditions
are so terrible that a seven months previous baby was compelled out of her mother’s
womb in advance (Her identify is Fortune Longjohn). We work for forty eight
hours (48hrs) per week which is against Nigerian Labor regulation, yet we do not get
any shift allowance. Like Mr Sunil Gupta (an indian) has boasted within the
prior that the Nigerian Labour is on Huawei’s payroll. quickly, we will to find
out how real it is.
some of the workforce have worked for nearly 3years and earn lower than these
who have labored for just few months. The income you earn in the NOC is
according to the "connection" you will have. imagine someone earns N100,000, while
every other earns N300,000 doing the same job – Injustice!
one of the crucial worst administration "racist" resolution is replacing Mr. Francis
Agbodike (a seasoned occupation with huge international expertise) with
the likes of R.S Tomar and Anicho Ogbonnaya. These two men, Tomar and
Anicho are some distance from being experts, they tackle personal vendetta on
staff, they understand little or nothing about the job. It was once simplest Agbodike that
brought Airtel community outage to a single digit count. but as a result of he is
outspoken in opposition to the injustice within the NOC, he was booted out.
Mr Tomar has once mentioned that even supposing we don’t want to work, there’s a long
queue of individuals prepared to take our jobs for a smaller revenue. This
remark is highly demoralizing for individuals who give their lives to the
community. We work on a 48hr shift per week, public holidays and weekends
nonetheless yet we aren’t liked.

we are therefore calling on Airtel Nigeria management to look into the
topic. we aren’t happy and will not need to are searching for the choice of sabotaging
the community. we can and can select that course of protest if this ill
treatment continues.

also we’re calling on the Huwei management in China, The CEO Guo Ping, The
Founder Ren Zhengfei and Chairwoman – board of directors sun Yafang. Please
name to order your personnel in Nigeria.

we are also calling to the chinese language high fee in Nigeria to make use of your
just right place of business to bring sanity into this injustice.

we’re also calling on the Nigeria Labour Congress, you’ve gotten been accused
of gross corruption, this is the time to salvage your self and rescue your
people from modern slavery in Huawei applied sciences.

ultimately We name on Mr Tony Ojobo, Director Public Affairs of the NCC and
Dr. Eugene Juwah the executive vice chairman of the NCC. Huawei
technologies should be investigated and then properly regulated.

we don’t imagine in violence, but when this issues are usually not addressed quickly,
we might need to convey down the community. AND this isn’t AN EMPTY chance.
thank you.

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