440-pound woman trapped in basement by her weight

440-pound woman trapped in basement by her weight

Olivia was a middle-aged girl, trapped in her parents’ basement with the aid of her obesity. There she remained home-bound, as relatives introduced her food.

“I secluded myself from the world,” she told ABCNews.com. “I didn’t want to be considered by society to any extent further. All I did was either be on the pc, watch tv or consume.”

The 47-year-previous former laptop professional weighed in at 440 kilos and had been teased most of her life for her weight. at the age of 12, she weighed one hundred eighty kilos.

A 2010 flood compelled her out of the house and she or he misplaced everything she owned. Olivia, who didn’t wish to reveal her ultimate name, mentioned she was once so depressed she tried to kill herself by means of swallowing a handful of painkillers.

She credit her twin sister with saving her life by means of calling paramedics, and vowed after that catastrophic adventure to turn into her lifestyles by way of reducing weight.

Her inspiring and transformational story is a part of an eight-part tv series, “My 600-Pound life,” which continues its 2nd season on TLC on Jan. 7.

within the sequence opener, ladies like Olivia inform tales of how they changed into morbidly overweight, why they made up our minds to make the trade, their hectic surgery and restoration and how all individuals who love them, including their enablers, have coped.

these days, after transferring to Texas to are living together with her brother and have gastric surgery, Olivia weights 256 pounds. however her weight continues to be disabling: She has lympedema in her legs, which makes strolling painful. still, she is major a more fit standard of living and hopes to reach the intention of a hundred and eighty kilos.

Olivia grew up in Cicero, unwell., in a dysfunctional household and used to be sexually abused by way of a cousin at the age of 7. “I grew up in an abusive home,” she stated. “My stepfather used to be no longer sexually abusive, however he did hit us.”

one among best a handful of Hispanics at her high school, Olivia dropped out on account of bullying and continued on a course of eating to morbid weight problems.

She confined herself to her folks’ Illinois basement where they enabled her obesity, bringing her cookies, cakes — anything else she needed. handiest her twin sister refused and brought healthy food.

Then one day three years ago the basement flooded.

“I was half-method as much as my waist in water,” mentioned Olivia. “I had been depressed and my folks were separated, and that i was once on my own and trapped. I knew I would have to pull myself high up. … I fell asleep and the next thing you realize, I had collapsed in black, soiled water. I didn’t think carefully about striking my ft in the water with the electricity running through the home.”

figuring out she needed to get out, Olivia referred to as her twin sister, who rescued her. but the adventure triggered a suicide try, and he or she mentioned she took “a cocktail of drugs — Vidocin, 50 of them.”

by the point the paramedics obtained there, Olivia was unconscious.

After hitting all-time low, she saw a tv program about an overweight lady named “Myra,” who misplaced weight. Between that and her determined effort to kill herself, Olivia said she noticed the light: “It used to be being in the health facility and seeing my twin’s face.”

“Myra posted one thing on fb about looking for [TLC] castmembers with obesity problems and that i emailed her,” said Olivia. “She said my lifestyles can be exposed — they would film the whole lot I did. however I was prepared to do whatever it takes. I had tried suicide and that i wasn’t going to do this once more.”

She left Illinois and flew to Houston the place she sought the help of a gastro healthcare professional and began filming for TLC’s, “My 600-Pound life.”